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My Father's Son

Catalogue No: CDWILD1
Released: August 1997
format: CD Single
LABEL: Wildstar

My Father's Son
My Father's Son (Brooklyn Funk R&B Mix)
I Owe You So Much
I'll Get Over It

My first single and even though I have sung it a thousand times, I have never grown bored with it. It's
obviously special to me 'cos it was the song that began turning my dream into reality.(One of the B-sides, 'I Owe You So Much' was written when I was 16 on the old piano in my bedroom and it was great that people liked that one too!)



Catalogue No: CDWILD2
Released: November 1997
format: CD Single

Earthbound (Single version)
My Father's Son (Acoustic Version)
Come Inside my Silence
Earthbound (Acoustic version)

My second single and again, one I still love. I chose it to be the name for my album 'cos I wanted a one-word title and I think it's a moving song. Sometimes when I performed it, it brought tears to my eyes.


Earthbound (album)

Catalogue No: CDWILD3
Released: november 1997
format: CD album

They Say
My Father's Son
Read my Mind
We Are the Wave
Nobody but You
We Were Only Dancing
Let it Breathe
Working Man
Ordinary People

As with most of my songwriting, all of these tracks were written from personal experience, which usually means a little bit of my heart is in each of them, like children! But unlike a good parent, I do have a couple of favourites and those are "They Say' and 'Ordinary People'(pre John Legend!) I still think they could have been singles but the record company didn't agree... I should say' former' record company... the ears of my current record company are a little more discerning, which brings me from the past to the present and the future...


Read my Mind

Catalogue No: CDWILD4
Released: april 1998
format: CD Single

Read my Mind (Single version)
The Right Thing
The Mile High Club
Read my Mind (Brooklyn Funk R&B Mix)

My third single. I was happy to have a song out there, which in some way alluded to the psychic side of me. I had a lot of fun with the video too which was meant to look like 'The Sugar Shack' from Marvin Gaye's 'I Want You' album ('The Mile High Club' which was one of the B-sides was a great laugh to record with the co-writer, Mark Hall, with his girlfriend, Natasha,guesting as irate Spanish woman...)


Searching for a Soul

Catalogue No: CDWILD6
Released: september 1998
format: CD Single

Searching for a Soul (Radio Edit)
Live for Today
Searching for a Soul (Soul Inside Remix)

My fourth single and the first one that I'd not co-written. Although I loved the demo of this song with its cool Motown feel, the record company went and got it produced into a very pop-sounding record. I hated it. I finally agreed to it after assurances from my then managers that it would be a big hit and would open up the market even more for me. It wasn't and it didn't. Lesson learned.


My Best Friend (with Mark Morrison)

Catalogue No: WEA221CD1
Released: August 1999
format: CD Single

Best Friend (Radio Edit)
Best Friend (282 Club Version)
Best Friend (Tuff Jam Classic)
Best Friend (Brooklyn Funk Bus Stop Mix)

I love this record. We had a great time making the video and promoting it. Contrary to popular press, I found Mark to be cool and professional and a really nice guy.


the Welcome to the Future ep

Catalogue No: STILL01
Released: January 2006
format: CD Single
LABEL: still waters

Something Beautiful
Welcome to the Future (parts 1 & 2)

This was one of the first songs written with Darren and 2D of writer/producer team' Uncut'. I love the feel they get with their backing tracks and this one inspired a catchy melody, I think, and lyrics that I reckon any prosecution lawyer would be proud of!

Again written with Uncut, this song is about 'turning poison into medicine' - a Buddhist concept which has helped me through many difficult situations. It's dressed up as a love song, but I hope people get the message it carries underneath.

This is a very important song to me. Too few artists within the Soul genre ever seem to write songs about subjects other than 'lurve' these days.Yet great Soul artists from the past (like Marvin, Donny and Stevie) built careers on and endeared themselves to their audiences with songs that commented on social and global issues. As a 21st century Soulman with eyes wide open, I'm going to write about what I see, like my heroes did in the 70s, and I hope it makes people think...


Writing Credits

As well as his own material, Conner has written for some major artists over the years, most recently Joss Stone when he co-produced her second album, Mind, ody and Soul.

Joss Stone 'Mind,Body and Soul'
'Less Is More'
'Snakes And Ladders'

Artful Dodger 'It's All About the Stragglers' (album)
'Please Don't Turn Me On'

Rod Stewart 'Human'

Tina Turner 'Wildest Dreams'
'When You Do What YOu Do'

Joe Cocker 'No Ordinary World'
'My Father's Son'

Will Downing 'Love's The Place To Be'
'No Living Without You'

Blue 'One Love'
'Without You'

Blue 'Guilty'
'No Goodbyes'

Liberty X 'Being Somebody'
'The Story Of My Life'